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How to sell faster?

Bump Up - 1 £
Moves your ad to the top of the listings.

Over time, your ad will move down the search results as other sellers post new ads.You can increase the visibility of your ad by 'bumping' it back up to the top of the search results. Sellers who bump up their ad typically get at least 2X more replies

Highlighted - 5 £
The ad is highlighted with a yellow background for the entire time it is posted on the site.
Highlighting an ad is a great way to make your ad brighter and more noticeable in the background of nearby ones.
Featured - 5 £
  • Have your Ad appear at the top of the category listings for 15 days 
  • Your ad appears in a section at the top of a category's page
  • More people read and reply to top ads because of their prominent position
  • Avg. 4x more replies 
Urgent - 3 £
  • Let people know you want to sell, rent or hire quickly. 
  • An urgent label appears next to your ad in listings and search results
  • Users can search specifically for Urgent ads
  • Ideal if you need to sell, rent or hire quickly
  • Ads are marked as Urgent for 15 days
TURBO - 19 £
Do you want to sell your product / service as quickly as possible? Then this offer is for you:

- Featured ad for 45 days

- Highlight ads for 45 days

- Mark “Urgent” for 45 days

- Bump up 45 times

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